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Dear Friend,

Can you answer these questions?
red bullet Is your website productive?
red bullet Are you really making a ton of money from your site?
red bullet Do you have topics everybody is searching for?
red bullet Have you found other people in doing well with adsense but not you?

I always wondered this myself, considering why I was not making money. I couldnt figure out why my website wasnt producing adsense revenue.

Sad feeling isnt it when your website is not productive?

More importantly, why did you get your website up and running knowing your site may or may not work? Maybe it was because:
red bullet To know you have a web presence of some kind
red bullet Being able to hopefully make some kind of money like other people
red bullet Being a success online
red bullet Pride in knowing you did it - you made money online
red bullet Just to have a better way of life
red bullet To pay some of the bills
red bullet To have nice things

Maybe you spent your last dollar on something you liked but realized you had no more money and complained about it.

Maybe you are just sick of being broke and wanted to do more for yourself?

What adds to the wound is that you have friends who are on the Internet and are making money hand over fist.

Why are they so successful with their website and you cant?

Wouldnt it be good to have a website that is not only getting a huge amount of traffic but is making a ton of money for you as well?

I have a friend who put up his website and once day I saw his website stats. I was shocked when I saw the amount of hits he was getting per day. - The numbers were lousy. Obviously, he was doing something wrong.

Do you know whats even worse than what my friend was doing? It is that most of you people are in the same boat.

You arent doing the right thing and that is why your adsense stats is just sitting there staring at you...

You may have bought books to help you learn to optimize your website for better ranking and better revenue. You may even have hired someone to optimize your web pages for you.

The result is not good. You wasted your money in books that didnt teach you anything.

You wasted your money paying to have your web pages optimized, only to see your ranking has not improved.

So you need not...

Blame Yourself For Your Misfortune!

Do you know what is even more discouraging? Those books were written by someone who didnt even know how to generate adsense income! He just did some attempts of research and wrote the book.

Most of the text is research material that is based on theory but was never tested.

It really frustrates me when I see people spend needless money on something that is not going to help them.

I can say this because at one time I was also doing the same thing. I tried to optimize web pages -- but failed.

But There Is Good News!

By doing things the RIGHT WAY there is still plenty of money to be made with Googles Adsense program.

There is more good news - It isnt difficult to implement this plan. By making some adjustment to the types of ads you use, the layout of your site and the way you generate traffic you can increase your profits greatly!

If you already get traffic to your site but arent making much money then you can easily increase your profit without increasing your traffic.

If you increase your click through rate you will make more money with the same traffic. You do not need great volumes of traffic to be successful - you just need more people clicking your ads.

If you are brand new to all of this you might as well start off on the right foot. By getting things set up properly and optimizing your sites for search engines, as well as following my advise on traffic generation you will be off to a much better start!

Adsense is a great way to make an income without having to sell something directly to someone else. What you are doing is providing advertising space to other advertisers.

When people click on your ads the advertiser gets targeted traffic. You get paid for the click and the advertiser gets a chance to make a sale.

Everybody Wins!

If you have heard of me, you know that I am not one to give BS to anyone. When I make a claim, I mean it.

But if you have not heard from me, let me introduce myself...

My name is Nick Johnson

For quite some time I was involved in many ventures. I didnt do all that well. I did make a living but nothing to brag about. I started businesses online, only to fail them within a few months. One business I actually started online and it lasted two year. Unfortunately, that business eventually died.

After this period of failure, I spoke to several people who were doing what I was doing with their websites and here is what I found out:
red bullet No strategy in place to grow their online business
red bullet No idea how to get traffic to their website
red bullet No idea or steps to optimize the site correctly for better traffic flow (click-through)
red bullet No inbound links and no strategy in place to get them

After speaking to those who failed, I went after those who were successful to get a comparison. Here is what I found out:
green bullet The owners of successful websites had a strategy they used that worked.
green bullet They developed a template from their success and used this repeatedly when starting other businesses online.
green bullet Once they learned what worked in getting traffic that clicked on the ads, they used it consistently.
green bullet Most importantly - they developed the right mindset and used it to their advantage.

It was obvious to me once I did the research, the reasons for the failures and the successes.

I also learned many secrets on how to get traffic to my website, and how to generate clicks. Once I learned the secrets and applied them, I kept what worked and what didnt work, I discarded.

Before I knew it, I had a proven strategy and used it on myself first, with tremendous results.

And now I am making this available to the general public.

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